Ultrasonic Cavitation: Why the Increase in Urination?

If you're experiencing constant urination after undergoing Ultrasonic Cavitation (also known as Lipocavitation), you might be wondering if this is a normal side effect or cause for concern. It's a valid question, and here's the deal:

Why The Increase in Urination?

🔊 Fat Cell Disintegration: The primary goal of Ultrasonic Cavitation is to break down fat cells into a liquid form. The body recognizes this liquefied fat as waste.

💦 Natural Elimination: Your body's lymphatic system takes on the job of flushing out this liquefied waste, and one of the primary ways this happens is through urination.

💧 Hydration: Clinicians often recommend drinking plenty of water before and after the procedure to assist in flushing out the fat cells. This increase in water intake can naturally lead to more frequent urination.

Is It Normal?

👍 Generally, Yes: Increased urination is generally considered a normal side effect after Ultrasonic Cavitation and is often seen as an indication that the body is expelling the broken-down fat cells.

🕒 Duration: The increased frequency of urination might last for a few days to a week, depending on how well your body processes the liquefied fat cells.

When To Be Concerned

🚨 Excessive Urination: If you find that the increased urination is excessive and lasting longer than a week, or you're experiencing discomfort, it's wise to consult a healthcare provider.

🚨 Other Symptoms: If increased urination is accompanied by pain, burning, or blood in the urine, seek medical advice immediately as these could be signs of an infection or another underlying issue.

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