SculptSkin™ Body - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ Body - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ Body - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ Body - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ Body - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ Body - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ Body - SculptSkin

SculptSkin™ Body

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We bring you the SculptSkin Body. This tiny handheld device helps you tone and sculpt away all those stubborn areas that refuse to go away.

Using leading edge technology, ultrasound waves convert fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system.


Reduce Fat in Unwanted, Stubborn Areas

Procedure is non-invasive so you can go to your regular activities at no time. You will be amazed how beautifully you can reduce fat in problem areas and reshape targeted areas.

  • Body Fat Mass
  • Skin Tightening
  • Cellulite Reduction


Bye, Bye Cellulite

sculptskin cellulite before and after results. reduce cellulite in the butt, legs, arms, and much more. Get rid of cellulite fat easy and fast with the sculptskin body

You may ask yourself, how does the SculptSkin Body reduce cellulite? 

The SculptSkin body relies on ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency to attack the cellulite problem head on. Cavitation works to disrupt the adipose fat causing cellulite. While radio frequency works to promote collagen and tighten the area where the cellulite is located. 

This brings an overall improvement in the shape of your body and reduces circumference. 


Reduce StretchMarks

sculptskin stretch marks before and after results. reduce dark and large stretch marks with radio frequency

 Radio frequency energy penetrates to the deeper dermis layer to trigger collagen production and skin remodeling, it is a fantastic option for the noninvasive treatment of stretch marks.

Noticeable and consistent reduction in the surface area of stretch marks on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, as well as a significant increase in the number of collagen and elastin bundles. 


Real Clients, Real Results

sculptskin body cavitation and radio frequency treatment


Krista, 34, mom of 2 kids was able to reduce the circumference of her core in a few short weeks with the SculptSkin Body. She documented her journey and began to see results in stubborn areas like her flanks. Combining cavitation and radio frequency she lost stubborn fat and tightened loose skin. 

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Ultrasonic CV function: Slim, Tone & Tighten


600,000 times/second ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, instantly wake up the skin bottom cells, improve cell metabolism, promote fat block decomposition, dredging lymph nodes, to achieve weight-loss effect.

  • Fat Reduction in the abdomen/core, legs, thighs, back, flanks, and arms
  • Cellulite reduction for the butt, legs, arms, and anywhere in the body
  • Boost Collagen production helps rejuvenate your skin

RF shaping function:Powerful RF function can make skin dermis layer produce high heat effect, and enhance fat-burning.


What is Radio Frequency? 

sculptskin body radio frequency technology for skin tightening and fat reduction

The SculptSkin Body uses radio frequency technology to boost collagen production in the body. It heats up the deep layer of the skin called the dermis. Collagen production helps with wrinkle reduction, fine lines, skin tightening especially sagging skin, stretch-mark reduction, and gives a younger looking appearance. 

LED red light skin care: Restore Skin Elasticity

625nm wavelength energy red light with high purity, strong photosynthetic energy and uniform energy density characteristics, 

  • Activate skin cells
  • Promote cell metabolism
  • Stimulate Collagen production
  • Reduce inflammation and redness

Mechanical vibration function:

Mechanical vibration to make collagen fiber contraction, speed up the fat decomposition rateeffectively reduce stubborn fat.
Unique zinc alloy massage head, feel extraordinary, and equipped with HD LCD smart display, easy to operate.

Humanized design, sophisticated internal structure and perfect appearance, take the ultimate fitness experience for you.

USB charging use : 

Long lasting, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

4 modes ( 15 minutes per Mode):

Brighten skin mode:

Energy LED red light + RF function(red light flash slowly / red light flash quickly / red light steady on, three gear)

Burn fat mode:

Energy LED red light + Ultrasonic CV function

Burst fat mode:

Energy LED red light + RF + Mechanical vibration VIB function(red light flash quickly + intermittent mechanical short vibration / red light flash slowly + intermittent mechanical long vibration / red light steady on + mechanical long vibration, three gear)

Shaping mode: 

Mechanical vibration VIB + Ultrasonic CV function(intermittent mechanical short vibration, intermittent mechanical long vibration, mechanical long vibration, three gear)

SculptSkin uses leading edge technology to help you reduce fat in targeted areas, and reshape them. The Non-Invasive procedure liquefies stubborn fat without invasive surgery. Treatments have results in as little as one session, with quite painless. 


Application: Body
Material: BS+PC+Zinc Alloy+Silicone
Plug Type: US Plug/EU Plug
Vibration Frequency: 680,000 times/second
Operating Voltage: 8.4V
Operating Current: 0.14-2A
Charging Voltage: 5V
Power: 16.8W
Charging Time: about 2.5hours
Use Time: about 1 hour(After Fully Charged)