SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator - SculptSkin
SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator - SculptSkin

SculptSkin™ 600000 Epilator

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Are you tired of Waxing? Shaving? Spending lots of money on treatments? 

Well, then look no further. 

The Sculpt Epilator is a professional permanent IPL Epilator laser hair remover. 

Intense pulsed light is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal, photorejuvenation as well as to alleviate dermatologic diseases such as acne.


  • Whole Body Hair Removal 
  • 600000 Flash
  • Safe and Painless 
  • IPL Laser Hair Removal 


IPL Pulse Laser Hair Removal Technology

Long-term gentle suppression of hair regeneration for a comfortable hair removal experience. 



  • Hypnotic Hair Follicle - IPL pulse light penetrates into the hair follicle, and the hair follicle gradually shrinks under the action of light and heat 
  • Hair Loss - Hair Follicles shrink, hair naturally falls off, growth is slowed 
  • Inhibition of Regeneration - Long-lasting, inhibits hair growth and long-lasting silky skin


Two Treatment Modes 


90 degrees close to the skin, continuous automatic flash, different areas can be freely chosen. 

  • Manual Flash - Single Flash mode is for precision areas like underarm, bikini, and face 
  • Automatic Flash - Slide Mode is for easy treatments on straigt forward areas such as legs, and stomach




Epilator Vs. Traditional Treatments


Hair grows slower and thinner when the epilator is used as compared to tradition methods. Traditional methods don't often work and cause the hair to grow back thicker and darner in a few days. 

Suitable for Whole Body Fast Treatment 


  • Hair Color - Black, dark brown, brown, and blonde 

Results in 8 - 12 Weeks

  • Up to 92% Hair Reduction 
  • After 7 - 9 times completed treatments 
  • 5 adjustment methods


 Clinical Trial Results 


  • Real- life test verification 
  • Safe and Painless 
  • Durable
  • Gentle and Effective 

Suitable For Men and Women


The Sculpt Epilator is designed to suit different skin types and can be used by both men and women. 

How to Use



  1. Shave and Clean the surface hair 
  2. Connect the power plug and cable 
  3. Wear goggles to avoid glare 

Package included:

  • User Manual
  • 1 machine
  • 1 packing box
  • 1 power plug


How to test suitable skin? 

It is best to use a skin test to confirm that there is no adverse reaction before using.

What grade of laser is used for the first time? 

For the first time, you should try the lowest gear and then gradually increase the intensity. It is not possible to use the 4.5 intensity immediately, it may cause some discomfort.

How do I use the product correctly?

The epilator will only flash when it is positioned 90 degrees vertical and when it is in contact with the skin. Do not press the power button against the hair. 

Is there a flash problem? 

If the light of the epilator is on but the head is not flashing, remove the lamp and wipe with a cotton cloth before reinstalling. 

What should I do if does not reboot? 

If the epilator does not power on, there may be a problem with the adapter, you can use the laptop power supply to connect to the epilator to see if it can be turned on normally. 

How to restart the machine? 

Press and hold the power button of the epilator for 5 seconds, then connect the plug of the power supply to the epilator. If the epilator lamp is fully lit, it indicate that the restart is successful and can be used normally. 




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