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Ultrasonic cavitation wands are medical devices that are used to perform non-invasive fat reduction treatments. They work by emitting low frequency sound waves that break down fat cells in the body, which are then naturally processed and eliminated by the body.


sculptskin how to massage the body with an ultrasonic cavitation wand

Here are some general steps for using an ultrasonic cavitation wand on the body:

  • Clean the area of the body where the wand will be used, and apply a conductive gel to help the wand glide smoothly over the skin.
  • Turn on the wand and adjust the settings as instructed by the medical professional.
  • Hold the wand against the skin and move it in a circular motion over the area where fat reduction is desired. 
    • This helps to evenly distribute the sound waves and ensure that the treatment is effective. 
  • Continue moving the wand over the area for the recommended amount of time, as determined by the instructions.
  • Turn off the wand and clean it according to the manufacturer's instructions.


It is important to follow the guide for the device you have purchased. Please follow instructions as is. 

This helps to evenly distribute the sound waves and ensure that the treatment is effective. 

Cavitation Devices: 

1. SculptSkin Mini 

2. SculptSkin Cavitation Pro | All in One Body Contouring 

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