How Much Weight Can You Lose With Laser Lipo and Cavitation?

Laser lipo and cavitation are both non-surgical fat reduction treatments that can help you lose inches and improve your body contours. However, the amount of weight you can lose with these procedures varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The area of the body you are treating.
  • Your overall health and fitness level.
  • Your expectations.
  • The number of treatments you receive.

Laser lipo uses lasers to heat and destroy fat cells. The lasers are guided by ultrasound waves to target the fat cells, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

Ultrasonic cavitation uses ultrasound waves to create vibrations that break down fat cells. The fat cells then release their contents into the bloodstream and are eliminated by the body.

In general, you can expect to lose 1-2 inches in the treated area after a single laser lipo or cavitation treatment. Some people may lose more, while others may lose less. The number of treatments you need will also vary depending on your individual results.

It is important to note that laser lipo and cavitation are not a substitute for weight loss. These procedures can help you lose inches, but they will not make you lose weight overall. If you are looking to lose weight, you should combine these procedures with a healthy diet and exercise program.

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